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Last Updated on April 27, 2022 by Babette Sasha

A true artist who believes in giving back, Babette brings her unique style of creativity and passion to everything she does. She is dedicated to the art of branding and design through her own firm, The Artful Brander.

Her work can be seen on a variety of national brands, small businesses, and websites, including The Zelle Guide, which she founded in 2010.

I’m Babette, a creative and technical writer. I’m also a wife, mother, runner, dog-lover, and a self-professed fan of all things nerdy. You might say I’m addicted to information, like a person who loves crack (not that I’m judging).

That’s why I love writing, because you can create a bridge between you and your readers through your words.

I have experience writing for both internal and external audiences, including content for websites, magazines, newspapers, and academic journals. I also specialize in copywriting, web copy, and blog posts.