Can I get my money back if I Zelle the wrong person? Here is what you need to do

Take a note that Zelle itself is not a bank. Owned by over 30 financial institutions, it is only a platform, that facilitates the transfer of funds between the two parties. So if you ask can Zelle transactions be reversed, I want to make it clear that all transactions done at Zelle are treated as cash transactions

However making a transfer at Zelle is quite convenient, there are a lot of drawbacks attached to it. There is no protection program for payments made with Zelle. 

In case you have Zelle to the wrong person, just check if that person is enrolled with Zelle or not. Go to the activity page of your Zelle account and check whether that wrong payment made is still pending.    

If it is still pending, you can cancel the payment. It can be done with the Zelle app or through your mobile banking app. Select the wrong payment which you want to cancel, and then click “Cancel This Payment.”

Please note that this is viable only if the money is not credited to the recipient’s account. If it is already credited to that wrong account, all you can do is call or message the person and ask him to send your money back.

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